George Wurtzel writes about Quinn Haberl.

"Quinn was one of my students made one of the biggest transformations in terms of his perception of the abilities of blind people. Yet in this change he did not lose his own thoughts, but now he has confidence in himself as a blind person and knows that it is his personal beliefs that make him the person he is, not the fact that he is blind. Quinn is quick to tell you he is not a craftsperson, but here is proof of his skill in following directions and having faith in his ability to complete tasks that may not be his passion. My friend Quinn is very short so he needed a way to reach things. This step stool gives him the way to reach the things in his physical world and all the other things he learned will give him the step up to reach the things in his spiritual world. Quinn, I wish you good luck and know you will go higher then these two steps up in your life."