The puzzle tables were inspired by a simple puzzle I have been playing with since I was a child. As a furniture designer and builder I am particularly proud of this design and hope that besides the function and beauty of the product you will enjoy the challenge of assembling the pieces yourself.

The tables require no tools to assemble and they stay together without the use of screws, nails, pegs or glue. The furniture gets it’s strength from the design of the joints and North American white oak lumber. Tables require only one hidden tightening knob to ensure the proper amount of tension is applied to all of the opposing joints.

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Artisan Furniture That Is Easy to Move

Our puzzle furniture has improved the reputation of “ready-to-assemble” furniture. The use of North American hardwoods and glass and meticulous craftsmanship and the classic design create a very high-quality furniture line.

This furniture easily comes apart and packs compactly. It's easy and safe to move locally or across the country. Several disassembled tables can fit into a medium size box. Most pieces can be moved easily by adults. Unlike some ready-to-assemble furniture, puzzle furniture can be assembled and disassembled as many times as necessary to meet your nomadic moving needs.

Close-up of table corner before the finish is applied

Close-up of table corner before the finish is applied



The computer table is designed to be friendly to the environment, from it’s natural eco-friendly material to its compact shipping requirements. We use no stain, just a clear plant-based oil finish.
Designer George Wurtzel has chosen white oak lumber for these pieces because of its superior strength and beautiful consistent color individuality. A conscious effort is made to choose wood that is harvested in northern Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.
Trees in this cold northern climate grow slower. Slower growth develops a tighter grain structure in the wood which gives Puzzle Furniture added strength and beauty. Locally and regionally-grown lumber saves energy and reduces pollution. Wood pieces with small knots or color variations are not culled unless they affect the structural integrity of the piece. This conserves precious resources and adds interest and beauty to our wood furniture.

Other Features

Strong 3/8″ glass table tops show the beauty of the wood, the design, and the craftsmanship of the unique connecting joints.

Two side tables and coffee table

Two side tables and coffee table