Bungalow Style Bookcases

This weekend I built 2 red oak bookcases with fixed tops and bottoms and two adjustable shelves. They are open style, very sturdy, but light enough to move easily.  Solid red oak lumber components. The sides and backs  look like pickets in a fence with beveled angled tops.  The four legs are on the side corners with one narrower slat centered between them and 2 narrower slats centered in the back to keep the books in. The legs are oak slats 7/8" thick by 2 1/2" wide.  They have a clear oil finish.  These are similar to some bookcases I've seen that were built in the Arts n Crafts era about 1920, and they look like contemporary styling too. We had some very similar to these in every dorm room at MSB. 

 dimensions -  42" tall by 19 1/4" wide by 12 1/2" deep with two adjustable shelves.

price is $275 plus postage


Oak Bookcase made by George Wurtzel

Solid Red Oak Bungalow style bookcase with picket style sides and back.

details of bungalow bookcase.JPG
bungalow bookcase front.JPG
closeup view of bungalow bookcase side.JPG