Meredith Larson writes about George Wurtzel.

"During my time teaching Industrial Arts, we supplied training to the Minnesota State Services for the Blind employees, so some of my students were not blind but were going to be working with blind clients of the agency in order to help them find employment and to assist them with education goals. As a part of their training to work for SSB, the employees spent 6 weeks going through the blindness training program. They were required to wear sleep shades in order to give them a small glimpse into the world of being blind. I saw the same response from several of my students that were sighted and worked under sleep shades - they all were amazed at the work that they could do even though they were “blind.” Aside from the sleep shade experience, most of these SSB employees also had no woodworking experience, so my job was to make one comfortable in my shop as a person working with equipment under sleep shades. Because the SSB employee’s time is only 6 weeks (the traditional students had 6 to 9 months), the projects needed to be simple, while still ensuring that they were able to use as many power and hand tools as possible. Meredith, thanks for letting me help you find some of your hidden talents. I hope you do more projects in the future, and I hope your experience gave you insight into the abilities of all people in the world."