A Hands-ON Guy Doing Hands-On Work in the information Age - If you want to work with your hands and your mind talk to someone who has chosen that path.  In his 60+ years George Wurtzel has done many things, and all of them well.  He is a Michigan native who has been a carpenter most of his life but has done many more things too. A cross country skier, horse trainer, inventor, gourmet cook, bike and car mechanic, business owner, countertop fabricator, licensed builder, home remodeler, camp director, teacher, friend and mentor to many. George is a busy guy who fits many things into a day.  His work and his interests keep him constantly working on many projects at once.  Here is a link to an article in the 2016 NFB Braille Monitor by his brother Fred Wurtzel and Gary Wunder. https://nfb.org/images/nfb/publications/bm/bm16/bm1605/bm160502.htm