Classes at Enchanted Hills Camp can be designed around what you want to learn

Woodworking Classes for Anyone at Any Experience Level

I can help someone with no experience at all — maybe never even had the opportunity to use a hammer or screw driver.  I show them with the right amount of direction, through their own hands or feet they can bring their project to life.

I have taught people from all walks of life and people with a wide array of skills, talents and challenges: from a trades person with 30 years experience who needs to become a solid service fabricator to a person who had no hands (I taught him to run power saws and a lathe with his feet). He happened to be a person with normal vision, but he was taking a job with an agency for the blind and it was their policy that their employees will take my class while wearing a blindfold. 

I have taught deaf, blind people, people with many different varieties of physical or mental capacities. I am proud to say I think that I improved the quality of their lives and added to how they felt about their ability to encompass new challenges.

If you want to learn how to build beautiful wood objects, please inquire. I am always willing to help someone who just wants to build one thing, or someone who wants to build as a hobby or to earn a living at it.

If you want to build a one-time project, learn how to be a good hobby craftsman or want the background to pursue woodworking as your vocation, I am willing to help you to use your own talents better.


Learning a Craft Teaches People That They Can Do Anything

I hope as you look through the pictures on the student work page, you will understand the projects are the work of the students. They select what they want to build and through their own hands work and effort and with the guidance of my knowledge and experience, they can build what they envision in their minds.

It is my hope through the process of building a tangible piece of furniture or art, I am showing them they can do almost any thing in life if they possess the correct tools and knowledge. The work you see here is done by my students. I do not do the work for them. I only supply the knowledge as how to do it and it is their job to do the work.

An Endless Enthusiasm for Teaching

After bringing my own designs to life, the most rewarding thing I know how to do is to give what I know to others through teaching.

I have always been a teacher for as long as I can remember. As a little child, I have memories of teaching my friends how to build roads with Tonka toys. I can remember telling one of my play buddies, "In order to build a road you need a good compacted base and then you need to make sure you have good drainage."

In scouts, I was always the one who taught kids to tie their knots and how to put up and take down the tents; later it was how to paddle a canoe.

When I started my first shop, I did not have much experience. What I knew was just what I had learned in high school shop and from my friends, but I possess an innate knowledge of how things should work.

I never told a customer that I did not know how to build something, so not only did I need to learn how to do some things quickly, but I also needed to be able to teach my employees as well.

I can recall figuring out something on one day and then having to teach it to some one else the very next day.

I ran a camp for blind kids for several years and found out teaching was one of my gifts in life.  At times, I taught the counselors who would teach others and I also taught directly to campers. I taught everything from tree climbing to swimming and boating to cooking and cleaning.

I was teacher at Blind Inc. for several years, a private rehabilitation center in Minneapolis, MN. Along with teaching industrial arts, I find myself teaching people how to feel good about who they are and how to survive in are complex world as a blind person.

Turners Beyond Borders

George is a teacher for Turners Beyond Borders, an initiative by the American Association for Woodturners to broaden links with the wider woodturning world. The AAW is the largest woodturning organization in both the United States and internationally.