Judith Anderson, Dragonfly Guild Pottery

Trio of Globe Votives

Smooth, yet bare, unglazed clay exterior, these globes have a glossy green interior glaze. Incised cut-outs of stylized dragonflies allow light to play through the openings. Comes with a tea light. (Pictured above.) Approximately 4 1/2 inches.

$30 each. Contact George for purchase information.

Green Nouveau-Inspired Shallow Bowl

Flowing lines characterize this partitioned bowl. Each repeating panel is comprised of a bas-relief of raised curliques. The semi-translucent green glaze “breaks” to a lighter color, meaning that on the raised areas or on the rim, the glaze is thinner, has a lighter saturation of color and accentuates the texture. Approximate size: 4 ½ inches tall, 11 inches across.

$125. Contact George for purchase information.



Marsh Vase

This slender vase is graced with a marsh scene. It includes highly textured, carved and pierced areas depicting cattails, sedges and basking dragonflies. With a base of 4 ½ inch which rises, slightly tapering before flaring out again at 13 inches tall at the rim. Glazed in a glossy green, but the dragonflies have been left in bare clay.

$150. Contact George for purchase information.