Carol Pankow writes about George Wurtzel.

"I had the good fortune of working with George Wurtzel when I went through Adjustment to Blindness training as a requirement of my job with State Services for the Blind. George was my instructor for Industrial Arts and helped me to complete two projects under sleep shades. This is quite a feat as I have no crafty bones in my body, have never done any type of w...ood working in my life and have little patience for such projects.

George starts you off with small steps and before you know it you are using electric saws, drills presses and a lathe. My favorite part of the whole experience was taking a chunk of ugly wood and making a beautiful bowl. My father in law is a long term wood worker and was extremely impressed that I had made that project. I keep that bowl out on a table in my house and have had many comments from visitors about that. It is so fun to say that I made it.

George is a very matter of fact instructor and lets you go through some failures to get to the success. I liked this approach as it built confidence and gave you the drive to stick to it and make yourself succeed. George has many handy hints to help you along the way and has a wealth of experience to draw from.

George is a good instructor and can make a craftsman out of anyone, even me."

Wood Bowl by Carol Pankow

Wood Bowl by Carol Pankow